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Closed enrolment

Closed enrolment


The SME work placement Programme provides current students with paid work experience within local businesses. Santander is providing £1,000 for each placement. The Programme enables participating local businesses to recruit current students from our partner universities to undertake valuable work. All placements are expected to be no less than 4 weeks in duration and the £1,000 contribution from Santander Universities is to be paid to the students, directly or through the SME.

Target to

Candidates: must be current students from one of our partner universities. Students are only eligible for one Santander Universities work placement. // Companies: this Programme is open to organisations with 250 employees or less which have an annual turnover of fifty million pounds or less. They must be registered and based in the UK. Eligible organisations include companies, sole traders, partnerships and charities.

Destination countries



£1,000/4 weeks


18/6/2017 23:03:45

Hola, estoy muy interesada en esta beca. ¿Cuándo sería el próximo plazo? Este es mi correo: ¡GRACIAS!

2/5/2017 18:23:17

Buenas tardes, ¿Cuando será la convocatoria?

Buenas tardes, quisiera obtener más información acerca de la beca, convocatoria 2017/2018. Mi correo electrónico es Muchas gracias.

23/4/2017 21:13:25

Hello! I would like to have more information about this schoolarship for 2017/2018. My email is: Thank you!

21/4/2017 23:42:39

Hola, me gustaría recibir información sobre la convocatoria 2017 de esta beca. Mi email es Muchas gracias.

21/4/2017 18:03:29

Greetings, I would like to ask for information about this internship and how to apply for the grant 2017/2018. Thank you in advance. Contact:

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